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Why list your home for sale with me?

"Real estate marketing is an art and a science"©

How do I sell or rent my house fast for a higher amount?
Easy!  List with us.  Contact us now to have most everything taken care of by phone or by email.  With the PhotoVideoTour "We sell your house within 30 Days or it's free" marketing plan, your property will be in front of the right buyers so fast that we guaranty it to be sold at market value within 30 Days or pay no listing commission when it does.  Rentals contracts within 30 Days or pays only partial commission.  Call or email for more details.
More buyers see your property in detail online = More cash in your pocket

How will your house sell faster?
Using PhotoVideoTours™, your property is exposed to a maximum number of buyers through innovative marketing.  Unlike others that offer uninformative slide shows made with the same few photos already posted on the MLS and call them movies, the PhotoVideoTours™ include 50 to 100 professional photos showing all the property details as needed; and a true video making it easy to understand the floor plan and perspectives.  The PhotoVideoTours are uploaded on all the appropriate websites, online classifieds such as, craigslist, backpage, youtube, Trulia, Zillow, the MLS and on, our buyer’s website, all together receiving thousands of new visitors per month looking for homes.  Your ads will set your house apart from thousands of others by showing it all!  Upon reaching the proper audience, the PhotoVideoTours™ are able to convey the true feeling of your property, making the experience the next best thing to being there in person. This is especially true for the "must see" type of real estate.

After viewing the photo and the video presentation, buyers already know that they are considering purchasing or leasing your property before making the appointment for the showing.   This is a much more convenient way to shop for them, while reducing unnecessary traffic through your home.  Clear advantage whether the property is occupied or not, it is ideal when the property is not easily accessible, or when the buyers are from out of town.Once the offers received, they are expertly negotiated to yield you the best sale price in a timely manner.  Many listing agents are not friendly nor considerate to the buyers' agents.  This is a big mistake since their job is just as important in conducting a successful transaction.  Please call and ask for more details about what differentiate me from other negotiators.Need to Short Sale your property within 30 Days?  
Not a problem.  The PhotoVideoTours marketing plan gets offers on eligible properties in 30 Days or less for a successful short sale.  Experienced since 2006, an in house short sale service is offered to you or it can be handled by a professional short sale company free of charge.  All the tedious paperwork and stressful negotiations will be handled for a successful transaction, again for FREE!Email [email protected] or call 602-614-4622 now for a no obligation, no pressure telephone consultation! 



Buyers do no trust For Sale By Owners for two main reasons:
-The homes are usually priced unrealistically higher than market value
-The buyers do not feel protected in the event of defects or fraud 


A note to "For Sale By Owner's": 

FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) tend to sell for lower prices than comparable home sales, and in many cases below the average differential represented by the prevailing commission rate.

List with us, but if you sell it yourself, no commission is due!
Your concerns about having to pay a commission are typical of most people trying to sell their homes by themselves.  According to the National Association of Realtors studies, agent assisted transactions sell on the average for 32% more than FSBO's.  This is how we get paid.  Further more, many great FSBO homes on the market are not selling in this market because they do not have the proper marketing and representation.

The greater the number of people see your house = The higher the selling price.

If selling a property were so easy, the profession of real estate agent would not be so widespread. And if you have ever done it by yourself before, you will agree that it is literally a second job. Nowadays, it is even more difficult than ever because of the market. For “for sale by owner's”, buyers also tend to factor out the listing cost and make their offers accordingly (making lower offers). Also,  it is totally acceptable for a listing agent to be eager to sell your house by doing everything possible to make the deal happen with the help of the buyer’s agent; but when the seller does it, the buyers see it as a weakness.

You will not be told what you want to hear or that your house is worth more than market value just so you can list with us, then have it abandoned on the MLS without any active promotion. If you understand the benefits of our marketing plan and allow us to help you, your property will be advertized with innovative techniques to guaranty better exposure and subsequently a higher sale price than all others. Call or email right now find out more.  Most of the process will be handled over the telephone, by email or fax.  We first speak by telephone, then we meet casually when you are ready. I will not be pushy, I will not try to scare you into listing with me and I do not wear a bad hairpiece or polyester suit. :0)

In the mean time, if there are any questions that I can answer, please contact me. If this did not convince you, please give me a chance to meet with you when you are ready to interview agents.


How to buy Foreclosures, Short sales,
 Bank Owned Properties & REO's

Welcome to, your source for acquiring real estate short sales and foreclosures in Metro Phoenix, Arizona; also regular sale and short sale listing agent (REALTOR®) for Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler.

How to Buy Short SaleOur goal is for you to become an expert in the type of homes you are interested in by teaching you how to make great home buying decisions.

The first step is to contact us for thorough search results.

There are different methods of purchasing foreclosures / bank owned, short sales or regular homes successfully, and we will use and teach you the system best suited for your needs. We do not believe in being pushy; instead, we will educate you by providing all the facts. You will be able to use the latest high-tech features of the MLS to save time and make the process easy, this from the comfort of your own home.

PhotoVideoTours of properties of interest can also be produced for our out-of-town buyers either with retainer or for a small fee to cover our expenses. Plans are available for investors wishing to make multitudes of "lowball" offers. Click this link for details or contact me to determine the best solution for you. Your satisfaction and future referrals are our ultimate goals.

List my house for saleShort Sales and Lender Approved Short Sales can be the better deals on the market. The lender approved short sales generally close much faster than the ones that still need to be approved, and are listed at the price that the lender will accept. If a short sale has not yet been approved, the list price is chosen by the listing agent (REALTOR®) and does not necessarily reflect the final sale price.

How to buy a forclosureBank Owned Properties, aka Foreclosures or REO’s, and now even short sales are in such high demand that they create bidding wars between buyers and often sell at or more than asking price. It takes experience to determine the right offering price to successfully obtain a property without overpaying.  For this reason and because of the added work, many real estate agents (REALTORS®) either fear working with foreclosures/REO’s and short sales or no longer wish to write offers on them after a few unfruitful transactions. This is especially if their list price is in the lower end bracket. Even for us, it is hard work; but we are not afraid of it. No purchase price is too low. Please contact us for more information.

REO’s, short for Real Estate Owned, are currently bank owned properties that have gone through the foreclosure process, and have not sold at the Trustee Sale (foreclosure auction/sale). At the foreclosure sale, which generally take place on the court house steps or at an attorney’s office, the property is auctioned with opening bid starting at loan balance + accumulated interest + all misc fees. Payment method is cash and the property is sold as-is, even including existing liens against it and occupants to deal with. When such a property is not sold at the Trustee Sale, it is then “repo’ed” by the lender which removes the encumbrances (liens & occupants) in order to make it eligible for title insurance; then lists it for sale with a broker. Note that no guaranties are made by the seller about the condition of the property, so the possibility of any defects should be investigated during the allocated inspection period.

Short sale or foreclosure which is a better dealEven though bank owned properties / foreclosures or REO’s, and short sales are usually good deals, buyers must be informed and educated about the surrounding comps to make the appropriate offer. Factors such as cost of rehabilitation repairs, remodeling, upgrading (if needed) must also be factored in to still have a bargain by the time the project completed.

The process of making an offer: Bank owned properties / Foreclosures / REO’s are listed for sale by listing agents (REALTOR®) representing the banks’ interest and not the buyers’. Many selling banks do not even allow their listing agent (REALTORS®) to represent both (dual representation) because of the clear conflict of interest. This is where we do our part. After initial contact, we will show you everything available according to your criteria, first online through a special mini website especially prepared for you, then in person. We will educate you in order to make you an expert on your properties of interest. When ready to make your offer(s), we will take care of the complicated process which can be different for each seller, and help you negotiate with the asset managers and agents (REALTOR®) representing the banks. Be aware that having your offer accepted and successfully closing of escrow can be tricky. To increase your chances of a fruitful transaction it is important to have a competent and honest realtor on your side, not just a agent interested in making a quick commission. Remember that your satisfaction and future referrals are our ultimate goals. Contact us now.