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Improve Your Chances

Improve Your Chances

With inventory diminishing daily and multiple offers being extremely common, it is of great importance that you position yourself to have the best chance to get your offer accepted.


Enhance your chance of getting the home of your choice by doing the following:


First, get pre-approved for the purchase. This takes very little time and is of great value. At this time, identify the price range for which you qualify and which fits your lifestyle.


Submit a strong competitive offer. Submit the offer as if there will be multiple offers. Include substantial earnest money deposit. Acceptance of an offer is sometimes determined by the amount of the deposit. A larger amount may signify a bigger commitment to the seller.


Minimize or eliminate contingencies; the fewer contingencies, the stronger the offer.


Make a buyer profile available. Include time on the job, flexibility, and reason for purchasing seller's home.

Be prepared to preview a new property quickly. Homes sometimes sell in hours. Be prepared to make decisions quickly and be accessible to change the terms instantly. Buyer and agent need to have instant communication access via office phone, voice mail, fax, pager or cellular phone.