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Jean's June 2020 Newsletter

Posted On: June 1st, 2020 5:54PM

The Batson Team
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June - Summer is here!

June 14th – Flag Day - Flag Day is a non-federal holiday in the United States that honors the history and meaning of the American Flag.  Fly it proudly.

June 21st – Father’s Day - celebrated on the third Sunday of June since 1910 to honor our Fathers.We thank our Dads – Russell Batson and Stu MacLeod for providing us with love and learning growing up.  We miss them both terribly;  they’re in our hearts forever.

NOTE: If you live in the area of Desert Ridge - there will be a SHREDDING EVENT in front of Pioneer Title, 5355 E. HIgh Street, Phoenix. $5/box from 8:00-11:00 a.m. on June 24th. Normally there are shredding events in the Spring but due to COVID19, they aren't being held. Thanks to Angie Sanich/Pioneer Title for putting this one together for everyone who has cleaned out old files and needs to safely dispose of personal documents.

2020 has been one for the record books – and it is only June. It’s as if we’ve all lost three months with no clear understanding as to what will happen with this dreadful disease. We’ve been out walking regularly throughout this time, catching up on projects at home – cooking a lot…just like everyone else.

We’re grateful to see that so many businesses can open up, even with social distancing restrictions.  This COVID19 situation has certainly hit our economy, incomes and small businesses.

Hopefully, with safety measures, life will be back to normal soon. Let's support our local businesses whenever we can...and each other.

Have a fantastic month.

                                      Al and Jean

From the AZ Commissioner of Real Estate

:Judy Lowe, AZ Commissioner of Real Estate  Q & A

Q:         How many Licensed real estate agents are in Arizona?

             A:         89,000 licensed BUT only 57,000 licensees are Active

Q:         Are all licensed real estate agents Realtors?

            A:         No, in order to be designated as a Realtor, you must be an active, dues-paying                                  member of a local Board of Realtors; your license hung with a Broker.

Q:         During the pandemic, it said on the news that if tenants could not pay rent due to  loss of  job, they                 cannot be evicted due to mandatory requirements to shelter-in
             place. Will they have to pay back rent?

             A:         Absolutely. This was a measure to assist tenants who lost jobs during the height of the                       pandemic when sheltering-in-place was mandatory.  Landlords need their rent to pay the mortgage,               property taxes, maintenance, management fees, and in some cases, utilities. This was not     

            designed to give people free rent…just temporary relief. (Many landlords with valued tenants will                    help defer payments during the crisis)


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Real Estate Robocalls?  Legal or Not?

We’ve been asked many times about calls you receive at home (we get them too) wherein the caller tells you they have a buyer for your home Is this legal?   And do they have a buyer?

We had a Webinar with Judy Lowe, Arizona Real Estate Commissioner recently. The subject came up about the many unsolicited calls homeowners are getting and the difference between legal and illegal.

  • It is legal for a licensed real estate agent to "cold call" from a phone list to offer their services. If interested, you can ask what company and jot down who they are but most people prefer to select a Realtor from someone they know or is recommended.
  • It is not legal for a non-licensee to call a homeowner unsolicited saying they have a buyer for your home. Usually that will either be a "flipper" or a scam. You can report these to the FTC.
  • The Department of Real Estate does not have the capability to oversee these calls.  It is an FTC issue.

     The usual line is, "Mrs. Jones, I have a buyer for your home," Odds are they don’t know anything about your home. They’re calling from a phone list. When we get those calls, we ask to be removed from their list and/or just hang up

     It is definitely a Robocall if it is a prerecorded call saying they have a buyer or are interested in buying your home– and ask "if you’re interested, please push "1" to be connected to an "agent."  Hang up!  Don’t push anything.

     It could be a legitimate Realtor looking for new listings asking if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market.  It is not ethical to call saying they have a buyer for your particular home if they don’t. Obviously, there could be a situation wherein the Realtor knows the neighborhood and is looking for a particular floor plan. .With the right questions, you can determine that quickly. [Have them describe the floor plan their buyer is interested in – if it isn’t a match, you know they’re not being truthful.]. 

     Personally, we would never do cold-calling for business because we hate to be bothered at home with unsolicited "offers."  Why would we intrude on other people’s private time?  And we work mostly from referrals.

  • Per the FTC:  "A robocall trying to sell you something is illegal unless the company has your written permission to call you." [Charities and political organizations are allowed without permission]. Also legal are flight change information, school notifications, and appointment reminders. We advise NEVER DO BUSINESS FROM A PHONE CALL OR EMAIL THAT IS UNSOLICITED.You have no idea who you're speaking with.
  • FTC: "If someone is already breaking the law by robocalling you without permission, there’s a good chance it’s a scam." (or a company you would not want to do business with.) 


            The Registry is designed to stop sales calls from legitimate companies to block unwanted telemarketing calls. They know they're not supposed to call if your name is on the Registry. Sadly those scam- telemarketers ignore it.  The FTC does not have the ability to block calls.

For more information on ROBOCALLS, GO TO: :  

What's Happening in the AZ Market?

Everywhere you turn you’ll hear prognostications of the market.  There is rarely a common thread amongst those reports. According to a recent webinar with our local Board of Realtors – There is a current lack of inventory with a tremendous pent-up demand due to our recent shelter-at-home situation.  While numbers on sales will show a dip during this period, the expectation is that by the 3rd quarter, full recovery could very well be in place.  Factor in that there could be major changes in the work force heading to offices vs. working from home.  That could mean more people searching for larger homes where they can have an enclosed office at home (an extra bedroom?  Den?).  Our crystal ball is in the shop, but this made sense to us.

With some changes, we're open for business - with the shortage in listings, now is the time to move forward if you've been waiting.

Please contact us if you'd like a property or neighborhood report on current comps.

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Pasta-in-One Dish (It's delicious and easy)
Our good friend, Nancy, prepared this dish for several of us some time ago.
It's an amazing 
one-dish meal with easy preparation  - but she tweaked
this original recipe from Martha Stewart by topping it with butter/garlic shrimp for a whole new and delicious taste.

It was served with corn on the cob and salad.

The quick and easy part is the you put all of the ingredients in one large sauté pan with a lid and cook it in about 11 minutes. 


  • 1 pound of pasta. (Linguini or spaghetti).
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 12 oz cherry tomatoes halved, or 3 tomatoes chopped (discard seeds)
  • 4 garlic cloves, sliced
  • 1/4 tsp Pepper
  • 2 tsp. Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Red pepper flakes
  • 5 cups water
  • Hand full of fresh basil (or 2 tsp. dried)

Place all dry ingredients in a large sauté pan. When ready to cook, add water and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Cook 11 minutes.


Nancy served it with shrimp but chicken or Italian sausage would work as well:

  • Sauté 2 lbs. of peeled and deveined shrimp* (or alternative) in butter and garlic. 

Place finished pasta on a large platter, top with shrimp (or alternative) and butter.


Top with grated cheese such as Asiago or Parmesan. Enjoy!

Looking for a new or different home?
Before you begin your hunt for a new home, even if it's online, we suggest that you do some important information gathering ahead of time so that the fruits of your labor will be more immediate and satisfying.

The place that you will call "home" will be the result of understanding what your needs are now and into the future. Condo or loft living may be your chosen lifestyle if you don't want to deal with much maintenance and have no outdoor living requirements. There will be monthly homeowners insurance to have the community do your maintenance.  It may be no more than what you're spending on landscaping, painting, pool care costs already.

If a single family home is your cup of tea, how many square feet do you need, Other criteria will go on your list. Pool/no pool/either way - if this will be a long-term home - will you want the cost and maintenance of a pool as you age?  How many car garage do you need (not for junk storage but for vehicles etc)?  Do you need a home office? Is a great room concept more viable than a formal living and dining room?

"What location is best?" Probably the most important part of your information gathering will be how you answer this question. The value of your new home will be influenced by its location, so you will need to analyze your needs regarding how and where you work and play.

The type and locale of a home will determine your overall cost of ownership. Will it be city life, country living, or nesting in the suburbs? Additionally, you will want to include the cost of home maintenance and commuting costs as part of your cost of living fact-finding.

Once you decide whether you are a candidate for a remodeling project or if a newer home better suits your way of life and patience, you will need to get prequalified for a loan that is tailored for the type and location of the home that works for you. We have contacts to help.

Please remember that we are here to make your information gathering easier so that the end result is a home that is a perfect fit for you and your family.
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