Danijela Quenzler

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Calling Arizona home since 1996.  

Arizona State University brought me west from Gurnee, IL.  At that time, the 101 was not in existance, Desert Ridge was only a vision and the 51 was not completed.  A lot has change since then, but one thing that remains the same, is my love of Arizona.

Arizona allows for more enjoyment of the great outdoors.  The beauty of the Sonoran Desert is always breathtaking.  During the spring months the cacti produce flowers of exceptional color and the blooming Palo Verdes are a vision of a halo of yellow flowers.  Summer months, are dormant.  Yes, the temperatures can reach reach triple digits that we don't care to talk about, until we reach them again.  But the beauty of Arizona allows you to travel north to Flagstaff or east to the White Mountains to escape the heat.  In case you didn't know, Arizonans have an annual pilgramiage to San Diego.  Within a 6 hour drive (no traffic), you are in SoCal.  So remember that when the we hit triple digits - we do get away!

As the temperatures begin to cool, we start coming out of hibernation.  Kids are out playing in the neighborhood and we're all ready to enjoy the cooler temps.  Festivals are in full swing!  

With cooler temperatures come the out of state visitors.  You begin seeing the car haulers come in.  More out of state and Canadian license plates.  Traffic increases!  But who can blame them from wanting to come here.  

Then spring rolls around.  Spring break and spring training are in full swing.  More visitors and people talking about how great it is here.  The weather speaks for itself.  

And that is why I call Arizona home!

Real Estate has been a very large part of my life.  I grew up around it and now my daughters are growing up around it.  My husband is a General Contractor.  He builds energy effecient homes that are an effective way to live in the desert.  Together, we work as a team.  

I love real estate.  I enjoy watching potential buyers discuss the homes that they tour - How they can make it their own?  What they don't like about it?  Each transaction is different.  Everyone's taste is different.  My goal is list your home and sell it.  Find your new home and make it yours!

Contact me.  I'd love to meet with you.