Sabrina Wallace

DRE No: SA654775000

(480) 688-4277

About Me


Born and raised in the Midwest, it was essential that I relocate to central Phoenix after graduating with a degree in Computer Programming from Waukesha County Technical College. During my first year in Arizona I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management Technology from Arizona State University, Masters in Leadership from Northern Arizona University the following year and currently working on my PHD in Strategy and Innovation.

Upholding the motto, “Give clients what they want, whenever they want,” is what will continue to catapult me into one of the most successful and sought after Real Estate experts in Arizona. During my time outside of Real Estate I operate my Consultation Firm; developing Business Plans and other services for small business owners.  I also teach Online Business courses at Everest College, play golf, and enjoy quality time with my family.

       "Luxury comes in all sizes!"

--Sabrina Wallace