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George Polzer – Associate Broker, REALTOR®

Mr. Polzer has specialized in Real Estate sales & marketing for 15+ years, with a focus on affordable luxury homes.  He brings to the real estate industry his business savvy of entrepreneurial management, high-tech start-up rapid growth, online marketing and business development leadership.

What Is a Luxury Home?

The characteristics that define a luxury home are elusive and diverse. A Lansing movie buff recently purchased a 1920's American Four Square in an older part of town for $110,000. The state-of-the-art home theater system he installed cost more than the home. Foolish?  Not at all. This homeowner enjoys his favorite past-time in the most luxurious setting possible...he could never be happier!

Luxury is best defined by the user. A boating enthusiast may spend more for an 800 square foot waterfront cottage than a 5000 square foot home in the same community. An outdoorsman may find a well appointed log home with a view of a lake to be the ultimate in luxurious living and more valuable than an estate costing ten times as much.  A gourmet cook may treasure an upscale kitchen while a woodworker might search for a home with space for crafting furniture pieces.

The common thread for each of these examples is uniqueness...offering something not found in other homes.  A luxury home may offer presence, architectural originality, a special feature or a coveted location.  A Luxury Home offers something rare that makes it stand apart from others in the community for the user.