Wally & Patricia Neal

DRE: BR102401000

(602) 931-1010


We've been full-time real estate professionals in the metro Phoenix area for 20+ years ... through hundreds of Arizona transactions ... providing real estate guidance and results with genuine care and absolute integrity.

Our goal is to earn your trust for "My Realtor" ... as evidenced by your referral of friends, family, and business associates. This would be the truest measure of the quality of our work for you.

Beyond vast experience, how are we different? In a word - Attitude ... and, indeed, attitude is everything. Our focus is truly on your needs and preferences, and the results you ultimately need. We will NOT shuffle you off to an assistant who may not take proper care of your search (Buyer), the marketing of your property (Seller), or your transaction. We know that you will get timely, professional results because we, both of us, will personally be there for you.

For Personal Service plus Professional Results, call today! You'll be glad you did.

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