Lisa Schofield

DRE: BR529424000

(480) 540-1443
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Mortgages that make a difference!

I partner with Right Away Lending so more buyers can obtain a loan.   I am also a licensed loan officer and have shopped for loans for my clients for the past 20+ years.   NMLS #2288276


Right Away Lending is based in Mi,AZ,TX,FL,NM,WA.   Right Away Lending is a growing leader in the industry and is known for ultra competitive pricing, quick closing times ( 9 days ), and we help borrowers who are not the traditional buyer.   


What does that mean, non traditional/ non qualified mortgage?  Not Traditional can be a Self Employed less than a year with income but only in business 9 months, an investor who is looking for a cash flow loan who doesn't want to use their income to qualify, a buyer who doesn't use their income to qualify but has money to put down and a higher credit score, or a buyer who has a tax id but no social security number.  In addition,  we have loans for "Professionals" Doctors, Attorneys, Dentists, who put less than 20% down and don't pay mortgage insurance.   There are so many loans that the public is generally not aware of that we supply.


We work with new build communities and supply loans that the onsite lender does not.  


Some examples of buyers I have helped include: Finding a VA loan buyer a better rate thereby boosting his buying amount by $80k and closing on a 3br/2ba/2cg house, finding a self employed borrower of 6 months a loan to purchase a home in Scottsdale, finding a loan for a borrower who was told some old school debt was why he didn't qualify.  I found him a lender who didn't care it was so old.   


How can I help you?    Call me to see what loan you might qualify for: 480-540-1443