Gilbert Moreno

DRE: SA646661000

(480) 385-9668

About Me

(480)385-9668 Awarded Top 1/2 of 1% of agents in sales volume in 2017. Gilbert has a heart for real estate and absolutely loves this business. This is his full time career and he builds life long relationships with his clients and prides himself in getting the job done! Due to his great negotiation skills has been able to close many deals and assist multiple families caputure the dream of home ownership! Gilbert's great grandmother sold land in the early 1900's even before she could vote,Grandfather owned 14 rentals and now Gilbert has stepped into his family legacy and would love the opportunity to assist you in buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate. Give Gilbert M. Moreno a call or text today (480)385-9668 

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