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The Condition of My Home

Posted On: March 31st, 2020 11:18PM


Tips to Prepping Your Home to Sell in the Goodyear & Phoenix Market


AZValleyWide Home Talk: Video Four on Selling Your Home

Hi Folks!  Michelle Noel with AZ Valleywide's Home Talk Series! Your local Realtor for Homes for sale in Goodyear to Gilbert or anywhere in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Today's Home Talk Series is a continuation on our Topic of Selling your home!  In this segment I'm going to address the question:

The Condition of my Home



The Condition of my Home


What do I need to do to get my home ready to put on the market? But first I want to acknowledge the emotional aspect for some of us in putting a home on the market.  So many things can be going on even in just thinking about putting your home up for sale, let alone going through the some of the exercises of prepping your home to sell.  My recommendation is try and detach emotionally from the process. Trust me it’ll make your life less hectic and stressful. Yes, our home is our haven, it’s where memories were built, it’s where for some of us; our children have grown up, or maybe it was only a short term home - a short term transition home– whatever your case maybe, there will still be emotions tied to the home.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed I would suggest that your focus on the positives!  New adventures and get excited about where you are going - the journey ahead!  Hopefully this advice is the most valued in this segment.  


Here is an outline of things to do, don’t let it overwhelm you --use it as the guide its intended to be:  


Prepping to sell your home:

Planning - My first suggestion is to take a notebook and walk through your home and just make a list of everything that you think you should do to your home. There are a variety of things that may not be relevant and depending on price.  Some of the things you identify t may not even be necessary.




Review your list together! As I mentioned some of those repairs and / or fixes might not even be necessary depending on what the desired result is.  


The condition of your home is important if you are wanting to get top dollar in your asking price.


Take care of deferred maintenance items.

What is deferred maintenance?  Those are items that typically as a homeowner you would do to preserve the overall look and feel of the home.


HVAC is one example; if there is a lot of clanking going when the AC turns on- that is not good. The unit likey needs to be serviced.


Painting a home is another example.  If you are seeing excessive cracking and peeling or worn paint it’s time to get your home painted!  So you can maximize the value of your home.


Sometimes just a nice power wash/spray of the exterior of the house and driveway and the garage will give it that sparkling fresh look too and you might just be able to do some minor touch up without the expense of repainting your entire home.


Doing the repairs will go a long way to increase the value of your home and get you the top dollar for your asking price.  This is regardless if you are financially in a position to, because even if you are not able to afford it there are trade companies that can defer payment until closing on your home.  This includes roofing, painting, repairs, new carpet etc. I have personally used some of these deferred payment services when selling my home in the past; and I have had some of my clients utilize this deferred payment method.


Curb appeal - Do you have any empty flower pots?  Fill them up with colorful fresh plants! This is a lovey way to bring in an economical aesthetically pleasing fresh touch for an exterior entry both front and back!


Packing/Managing Clutter - Pack like you aren’t living there – Pack early - even though you are still living there; you need to take it down to just the essentials.  Pack everything that you know that you will not be needing for the next 60- 90 days and put it in the garage. Live minimally to avoid having your home reflect clutter.   


This is also a great opportunity to donate household items or sell them!


Cleaning - Clean your home, top to bottom!  From floor boards, blinds, cabinets, appliances, carpets, floors, even walls and windows – it makes an incredible difference. Incorporate some fresh clean scents into your home.  


Brightening - Remove your window screens you can do this and just place in the garage...this trick actually helps make the home brighter.


If you home tends to be dim and dark in the inside switch out the light bulbs to LED-daylight-bulbs!  Also helps with keeping your home temperature cooler vs the old school light bulbs.


These are just a few ideas, and hopefully will not be very stressful if you make a plan and just move forward -- but whom am I kidding I sold my home recently and it was an overwhelming process and I even do this for a living.


I have a unique background with my lending experience of 20+ yrs as well as a being a resident here in the Phoenix Market since 1995 and a realtor since 2004 in the Phoenix market.  I have been selling homes in Buckeye, Avondale, Goodyear, Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale - basically the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area. Feel free to look me up on Zillow, my website and Google for any of my client’s testimonials. My team and I would love to be of assistance in helping you and/or your family with your selling of your home and your home buying needs. 


Reach out directly (480) 238-9043 or Facebook Messenger 

Again, thank you so much for joining me on this segment of AZ Valleywide’s Home Talk Series. 


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