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Real Estate Tips

When getting ready to sell your home.  Cleaning it up goes a long way.  Inside and out.  Then focus on decluttering what you have.  Box up knick knacks, edit the pillows on your couch to two or three.  Make sure your trash is taken out and small bathroom wastebaskets hidden under the sink.  Sweep the front entry, and put some nice fresh plants or flowers by the front entry door and a nice new welcome mat to greet the potential buyers.  This is your opening statement.  If funds are available , painting all rooms a neutral color can add appeal.  Things will look fresh and the neutrality will be able to go with most peoples furninshings.


Before a showing.  Make sure your home smells inviting.  If you have pets,  air freshners or scented spray, or pot pourri, may make the home smell more inviting preferrable something light, like a vanilla odor. 


Open curtains or tilt your blinds  open to bring in light.  Turn on your lights in each room, so people can get a good look.


Make sure your lawn is mowed.


Price it right.   Ask your Realtor for help. 


Hope this was helpful to you.