Dan McGinnis

DRE: SA019349000

(602) 570-2442
(602) 230-7600 (Office)


Harold & Marcy J.

Dan, You are a great person and did excellent work in finding us our home and we only had to look at three to get the right one for our winter home in Scottsdale. Since we did not know our way around the city, we are quite fortunate to have found you because you asked questions and listened to us. We will recommend you to our neighbors in Kodiak Alaska.

Roy S.

After referring two buyers and a seller last year to you and the excellent performance you did for them, you can rest assured I will continue to tell others about your NADOTA service.

Garth De W.

Mr Pumpkin Man, After attending your seminar for agents in Phoenix, and hearing you for hours then getting your book your wisdom has increased my confidence level in my own real estate performance as an agent of three years. Just wish I had met you when I first started in the business. It is easy to understand why you have had so much success yourself as a real estate agent after what you taught us I see why people have so much confidence and trust in your abilities to listen to their goals, needs, and desires.

Dave & Kathi S.

We were very fortunate to choose you as our agent, coming from Oregon, and you only having to show us one home for us to choose to own removed stress in our lives. We appreciate how you LISTEN WELL.

Jimmy T.

Here we are 12 years later in the house that Dan sold us. It has been our dream home. The best part is that Dan only had to show us probably three or four houses after he established what we were looking for. Even better was his tenacity in getting our offer to the sellers before the house was even “on the market.” , and this was during Christmas / New Years Holiday. He also sold our rental property later that same year. Dan is truly one of a kind, (not just the orange suit). We have also forged a lasting friendship over the years, and even though he beats the pants off me at racquetball and golf, I can’t help but love the man. You are the best!!