Ron Zuber and Diana Rubottom

DRE: BR584687000

(480) 440-6363


People know your name, not your story.

We are not just Realtors®…. We are people who have had full and extensive careers and interesting lives... and we plan on keeping it that way!

Each person, each client is an individual, different from anyone else we have ever met. This is what keeps our lives and career exciting.

We have owned brokerage firms and Diana has held the position of Designated Broker with real estate firms in both California and Arizona.

Our job is not just to show houses to buyers and help sellers sell, but to facilitate negotiations so that all parties have their desires and directions effectively communicated to the other party throughout the entire process. That makes for successful real estate transactions where both parties win. It is not about us, it is about, you, the clients - always. It is also about knowing the contract extensively (which we do, Diana has taught contract classes to hundreds of agents).

Real estate is a business transaction, but so much more is involved: joy, fear, financial commitment, the stress of moving, change, new location, new friends, new job, new schools, retirement and downsizing, expanding family, etc. Our patience, understanding, extensive knowledge of the industry, and a sense of humor and lightness (when appropriate) go a long way to make the real estate journey more pleasant.

We have had many successes, some obstacles and some failures. These are the things that have made us who we are and have translated into how we handle our life and business. 

We are here for you.