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About Me

My name is Gail Prestera and together with my husband Nick, we are Realtors and Buyer Specialists, specializing in Boomers and Empty-Nesters who are looking for a primary, second or vacation home in Scottsdale or Fountain Hills  We also specialize in relocation and have helped many people from all over the country relocate to this beautiful area.


We call ourselves the AZ Desert Homefinders and we've designed our website with you in mind. Hopefully, It will give you a good starting point to begin exploring Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. Here you’ll find information on neighborhoods, communities and homes for sale.  And what it’s like to live here in the beautiful southwest.


At little bit about us – combined we have 19 years of commercial and residential real estate experience. Plus, we have over 60 years (yikes!) combined experience in sales, marketing and project management within the financial services and technology industries. “Graduates” of Corporate America, we are thrilled to be entrepreneurs, leveraging our skills to give our clients the best and most satisfying home buying experience of their lives.  We are professional, down to earth and totally focused our clients.  The quality of the service is of utmost importance to us.  From our first meeting until the close of escrow, our top priority is you –  your needs, your family, your finances, your time-frame and desired lifestyle.


New England natives, we feel so fortunate to be enjoying snow-free living in Scottsdale. We moved here twelve years ago and love to share the area with our friends and clients.  We are Scottsdale and Fountain Hills market experts; we know the neighborhoods, have strategies in place to find homes that are not currently on the market to might meet your needs and are highly skilled in communication, follow up and delivery.


So, feel free to explore our site.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn (Gail) (Nick).  And send us any questions you have.  We look forward to working with you!

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