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April 2023 Monthly Market Update

Posted On: May 9th, 2023 11:59PM

Many potential home Buyers and Sellers are asking whther now is a good time to make a move. In this April 2023 real estate market update, we look at market indicators that might help us predict the future, i.e. we can make certain assessments about today's market and draw some conclusions about what's to come.


The video contains most up-to-date data and graphs from the very reliable and well-respcted for its accuracy Cromford Report. We work hard to make it as succinct as possible. Enjoy watching it.


Please click on the link to the April 2023 Real Estate Market in the Phoenix Metro area.




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2023 Tour of Mid-Century Modern Homes

Posted On: April 1st, 2023 12:08AM

The 2023 Tour of Mid-Century modern homes took me to 9 neighborhoods in Midtown, North and East Phoenix, and in Paradise Valley. The homes on the tour, with one exception,  are not for sale.

The homes we viewed were selected by architectural historian Alison King. This print of Taliesin West by Alison King adorns my office, and you can easily guess that I am a fan of what she does.

 Experience Fellowship at Taliesin West by Alison King


Experience Fellowship at Taliesin West, by Alison King – the print to the right

I attend the tours almost each year because they are so enjoyable and inspiring. I also share the knowledge and beauty of the homes and neighborhoods with clients and friends.

On this year’s tour, which included homes in historic neighborhoods, well-hidden townhomes and a new build in the mid-century tradition and spirit, I observed and admired the architectural ideas of Ralph Haver IAI, Thomas Pansing, Blaine Drake ( a former apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright), Ronald Craik, Lescher and Mahoney and interior designer Miles McDermott. The tour ended at the elegant Eye Opener furniture store, some with mid-century finds were shipped all the way from the Netherlands.


Highlights from the self-guided tour for me were the use of clerestory windows for letting daylight in, while protecting from the desert sun, too. The eves are made of light-colored wood, bringing in more reflective light.

 Clerestory Windows


Clerestory Windows – letting indirect light inside

Imagine lying on your couch and watching the everchanging moods and colors of our Arizona skies. This home was conceived as a quiet courtyard, surrounded by lush vegetation and two structures on both sides of the courtyard.


Clerestory Windows



Pool in front of bedroom, vegetation for shade                                      

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor shower

    Outdoor Fireplace and dining                

Outdoor fireplace and dining area                                                           

Open space between the main house and secondary

If you curious what is for sale in some of the neighborhoods, click on the links below:

Willo Historic Distric (near down town Phoenix)


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February 2023 Real Estate Market Update

Posted On: March 3rd, 2023 5:20PM

Is it really a bad time to purchase a home now?!

This video lists 3 reasons why it is actually a good time to buy.

Leave us a comment with what you think about the three reasons to buy now. And if you like the video, please let us know, by liking it. Thanks for watching.

Please click on the link to the February 2023 Real Estate Market in the Phoenix Metro area.

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January 2023 Real Estate Market Update

Posted On: February 15th, 2023 9:19PM

The real estate market experienced a rollercoaster year in 2022. The year started strong for Sellers, with fast rising prices.


But when interest rates started rising inApril, buyer activity dropped, quickly shifting the market to a buyer's market.

Last year saw the fewest annual sales since 2015.

The increase in Buyer activity we've seen in the last few weeks might indicate that we have hit the bottom of the market.

Please watch the video for more details, data and trends. Please click on the link:

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May 2022 Highlights from Phoenix Real Estate Market Summary

Posted On: June 3rd, 2022 1:39PM

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