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Who am I?  What makes me different? I am more than your licensed Realtor working for you in Arizona and California. I am a mom, neighbor, wife and an engaged member in my community, that means, I care! Life takes softness and strength, confidence and flexibility, being driven while knowing where to yield—so does Real Estate. Thankfully, I live, embrace and deliver these strengths (along with a dash of humor) to every client!


My passion has always been guided by common decency and providing a service you deserve. That remains my enduring priority while consistently growing in skill and education as your professional REALTOR® you can trust. I offer you a unified passion and service for the extraordinary home selling and buying experience whether you are a professional, investor, individual, family, empty nester or a cool combo of any circumstances.


As your REALTOR®, I am inspired by global discovery, fluent in residential construction and dedicated to enhancing lives and lifestyles.

You have chosen me as your REALTOR® for my access to and understanding that specialized niche—where cost & lifestyle intersect.


I understand relocating children, and anxiety that comes with getting them assimilated as well as calculating commutes. Adequate space for aging parents, I have been there. Changing employment or gaining a new circle of friends, I get that too. Sometimes it is the smallest of things that can cause the biggest concern, like… ‘Where is a great hair stylist?’, ‘I need a good doctor I can feel comfortable with’…There are so many changes that come with moving zip codes, but I am here to help! I have a trove of resources to assist you!


I have had the awesome exposure to countless cultures and neighborhoods, largely due to having traveled to many cities, folded within dozens of different countries. I appreciate deeper perhaps, what home means and I strongly believe that contributes to why I care and connect so deeply. I appreciate what pride and security tastes like when you open doors to your very own home, regardless of   where it is on the map.


My background has provided an invaluable education as I have seen how family units live, protect and provide a home—from neighborhoods in Cairo, Egypt to Zurich, Switzerland, New York to Hong Kong. I have eaten in cafes in Paris and can attest to homemade pasta out of kitchens in Milano. 


In all, I have enjoyed visiting over 50 different countries and the connection was and is, special. I have enjoyed observing people work and live-in stunning Caribbean Islands to small islands off gorgeous New Zealand, I have gained a wide vantage that embodies people and cultures from all over our shared planet.


People, sights, sounds, language and food from all over has communicated and connected with me. I have had the privilege to chum with celebrities, musicians, entrepreneurs, legal minds, medical professionals and beyond. It was an honor to tell Whitney Houston and Diana Ross which songs are my all-time favorites! Matt Damon to Denzel Washington, Jennifer Hudson to William Shatner, Stevie Wonder to Sharon Osborne. Not to be outdone, two of my children’s favorites: Chefs Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone, and so many more. How about those athletes? It has been a pleasure getting acquainted to several high-profile athletes across the spectrum of sports. Equally special, the request by essential employees at my neighborhood grocery store seeking my help to find them a home. Without exception, I am comfortable with all walks of life.


At our core, we all have so much in common beginning with a place to call home! 

It starts with a conversation, let’s talk!





Schalawn Warren, Your Realtor

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