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Market Shifts

Posted On: July 14th, 2022 8:42PM

Many headlines would have you believe that bidding wars and houses selling for over the asking price are a thing of the distant past. But it was only a few weeks ago that buyers wouldn’t have dreamed of finding a house where that wasn’t the situation.
There have certainly been signs of the market softening a bit in favor of buyers, but bidding wars are still a thing in some instances, but are much less common and buyers are much better positioned.
So if you’re a buyer right now, there’s still a good chance you’ve “lost” a house to another buyer within the past few weeks, and you’re still feeling the sting that comes with it. You may be wondering when (or if) the market will truly give you a fair shake at getting a house…
According to this recent Axios article, nearly 15% of pending home sales failed to close in June. Whether it was due to buyers not getting their mortgage, home inspection issues, the house not appraising for the sales price, etc., many sellers found themselves looking for a new buyer or going back to the buyers whose offers weren’t originally accepted.
If and when that happens for you, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Don’t let your feelings get in the way of an opportunity. It hurts when a seller chooses another offer, and some buyers take it personally. Don’t hold a grudge and say you’re no longer interested for the sake of getting back at them for not choosing you originally.
  • You may be able to negotiate a lower price than you originally offered, but don’t bank on it.
  • Don’t be too concerned with why the original buyer backed out of the deal; you may or may not get the true reason why the contract was canceled. Sure, it could’ve been due to home inspection issues, but maybe the other buyer made a big deal out of a little issue just because they had buyer’s remorse. Or maybe the buyer simply couldn’t get their mortgage because the rate changed and they could no longer qualify for the loan they needed.
The Takeaway:

Working with a professional REALTOR® who knows the local market is key. Please contact me at 303.489.3000. 

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