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Hello and Welcome to my site.  Here is a little brief background on why I feel I am a great match for you as your REALTOR.


  I have been a full time professional in real estate since 1998 and worked in multiple real estate markets across different states, so I do have extensive knowledge in my profession.  While some clients like to know that I have sold Millions of dollars in real estate & well over 1000 homes, I feel it is important to express that each sale, and my clients needs, are very unique, so I share those numbers only to convey that I have experience in a wide variety of negotiations.  My focus will be on what your needs are, and the results you are looking for.


Here are a few points of interest you may like to know about me, when we meet, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Full time since 1998: I am not a beginner. I am licensed in Arizona as well as California as a Broker.  I have worked for multiple agencies and with some of the best agents in our area.  While it is important to be savy in technology, it is equally important to have a great reputation and connections with agents in all brokerages.


-Work for Sellers as well as Buyers: While some agents will soley list homes, or represent buyers, in my experience, it is important for your agent to know both sides of the business and be out in the field learning what the buyers are saying and how the competition is marketing their home.


-Luxury Home marketing experience: Marketing of a luxury property requires a different approach, connection, and negotiation style.  As a member of our areas "Luxury Home Tour" for the past 20 years, and a former director of an area tour, I maintain connections n the industry than many agents do not.  This sphere can be a great advantage over the unexperienced agent.


-Sold Millions & Negotiated over 1000 Homes: I don't say this to brag, I do so because I am applying for a job.  I am here to represent your best interest so I share these statistics to help convey a vaste level of experience in successfully representing my clients needs.


-Communication: Not only will you have my direct cell number and always deal with me, but so will the buyers and agents who call upon your home.  I believe in being the direct point of contact at all times.  I am here to listen to you, negotiate & postion your property with other agents, and field the buyer calls directly.  I earn my service fee, every step of the way.


-Property Knowledge: I was raised by my two parents who are interior designers so I developed a keen eye for detail and the ability to help bring out the strongest atributes of a property.  My background in home renovations provides me with a leg up on other agents because I can not only Identify adverse conditions, but I can calm buyers and their agents during the vital home inspection periods.


-Area Knowledge: I am very familar with our neighborhoods and I have lived in 25 homes in different East Valley communities over the past years so I can personally share insight into many.


 All the Best,

Aran Fontaine