Cheryl Kesling

DRE: BR505751000

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About Me

Determined. Responsive. Gracious.


These are just a few of the many spot-on perfect adjectives that describe Cheryl A. (Sherry) Kesling.


Sherry, a native of the small town of Jesup, Georgia, lives with her husband of 36 years, Dennis, in north Scottsdale. She credits Dennis with initially inspiring her to get into real estate.


“My husband first prompted me to take real estate classes in 1974,” she says. “After several moves with the military, we finally were in one place long enough for me to think about a career. In 1984, I went to school in northern California and received a sales associate license.”


Extraordinarily passionate about her chosen field, Sherry has owned and managed several real estate firms; she has also served as vice president and director of franchise sales for two of the largest real estate organizations in the country.


Dedicated to giving her clients top-notch, “above and beyond” service, Sherry has had a California Broker’s License and currently has a GRI designation as well as her Arizona Associate Broker’s License. She makes it a point to stay not just on top of, but also ahead of both market conditions and neighborhood trends and prides herself on being knowledgeable about the state of the national economy. “It’s also important to keep current with what experts and pundits are saying and writing about the market,” she says. “I don’t always agree with their analysis but I know they have an impact on what the public thinks.”


Sherry considered one of the most reliable and dedicated agents in the field, gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction from working one-on-one with her clients, and is proud that her reputation for outstanding service is well-known among her peers. When she’s not working, this focused professional loves spending as much time as possible with her husband, their three sons and four grandchildren, all of whom live nearby. She and Dennis enjoy going on morning walks, and she strives to be home in the evenings with him as often as possible. A self-described “frustrated artist” who studied the art of watercolors in Germany, Sherry hopes to start taking painting classes again in the near future. “I would love to spend quiet time experimenting with watercolors and oils, but like everyone else, I just need to take the time to do it,” she says.


When asked what has helped and motivated her to not just survive, but truly thrive in such a competitive industry, this dynamic businesswoman says she couldn’t be happier that Dennis nudged her to get into real estate.


“But honestly, I do this job because I simply enjoy it tremendously. I couldn’t have done it for this long and been this successful if I didn’t love what I do and all the people I meet,” she says. “Besides, it sure does make me feel good when I’ve helped a client through a stressful situation and they thank me for a job well done.”