Brian Wardell

DRE: SA103491000

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Martin G - Maine

My wife & I had moved back east and rented our home. Once the renters moved out, we listed the home for sale, but really got nowhere with those efforts. Then Brian was referred to us and we relisted the home with him. With Brian's diligence and frequent communication, we received multiple offers and sold the home in only 33 days! Brian was great and I wish we had gone with him in the first place!

Lori N - Phoenix, AZ

Brian and his team met with me to discuss my goals for the sale. He was very helpful & made suggestions to make my home attractive to the potential buyers. We had three buyers on the table over a period of time and once we entered into a contract, the sale went through in a quick and timely manner. He was always available to respond to my questions and concerns. And because of his extensive real estate background, he knew exactly how to get me the best deal possible. I would recommend him any time!

Angie Z - Cave Creek, AZ

I just wanted to say that when I first met Brian and told him I was looking for a rental when moving from Minnesota he was very patient and found us the right home that would allow for our dog. He was quite diligent in keeping us informed about the market in North Phoenix, especially when we decided to leave the rental and he found us the best looking house of all. We are ecstatic!

Barbara M - Phoenix, Arizona

I purchased my home in Phoenix several years ago and Brian was my agent. He knew the Real Estate contract inside & out ! He has kept me informed all these years about the market and when my son needed a home,he sold him a home earlier this year. Brian was quite patient with the search and really wanted to get my son the "perfect" place for him as my son is picky. I am too, and I will use Brian later this year to sell my current home and find me another. His team does not miss a beat, I promise you!