Jeannie Johnson-Bourdos

DRE No: SA647476000

(602) 628-5376

About Me

They say teachers make the best real estate agents.  After serving in the education field for 22 years, Jeannie has developed a passion for the fast paced real estate market.  She approaches her real estate business as a teacher with an inspiring lesson plan.  Jeannie is a member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and finds time to volunteer with local school districts promoting anti bullying programs, is a member of ReAwaken, empowering women and Valley Welcome Alliance . In picking the name for her business there is no other word to describe it better than “hope”.  She markets hope to her clients by matching remarkable homes with remarkable clients and providing superior service.  One of her Veteran clients recently said in a recommendation, “JJ is my REALTOR for life”.

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