Itzel Zimmer

DRE: SA632403000

(602) 488-6006


I am a bilingual agent with HomeSmart since 2009. Before becoming a realtor, I worked as a loan Officer for over 6 years, helping the Hispanic community with their financial needs.

I am originally from Mexico City. After graduating with a major in Marketing in 2002, I moved to Arizona  and I have been working in the house market since then.

I love living in Phoenix, this is a great city full of opportunities, where you can raise a family in a safe environment. Arizona also offers affordable houses, in great neighborhoods.

Since I became a Realtor, I have helped several families to live out their dreams of homeownership. As a realtor my goal is to find the right house at the right price.  I am 100% committed to my job and I would like to be able to work with you and find your Dream Home!!


Itzel Zimmer

Remember .... My goal is Understand your needs.

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