Riley White

DRE: 01898519

(949) 887-1456





Hi, I'm Riley White and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been in real estate for 28 years, both as a appraiser and as a Realtor. Having been a appraiser gives me a unique insight into values, on both the buying side as well as selling. I let my sellers know, based on their home, its improvements, location, and relationship to other homes that have sold in their market, what they can sell their propoerty for. It's easy to list,  harder to sell if the price is not right. My job is to find a buyer for their home at the highest amount the market will allow. 


For my buyers, I help them arrive at the right amount to offer, one that will not cost them more then they should pay and at the same time be attactive to the seller. Sometimes it's a fine line but that's my job, to represent and look out for my clients interests. 


It is also my job to tell my clients the truth. Their offer is too low or they are trying to sell at a unrealistic price that will result in the property being listed forever. I am not a salesman. My job is to give you the facts, explain the market, the process of selling or buying a home, and to treat you and your interests as if you were my son, daughter, brother, or best friend. If you are looking for a yes man, I'm not your guy. If you are looking for someone to help you buy or sell your property and treat you as an adult, I'm your guy.


To me, there is no better feeling then handing over a set of keys to a new home owner and seeing that smile. Equally enjoyable, getting a call from a seller to tell me the funds from the sale of their home at now sitting in their bank account.


If you have a question about real estate, any kind of question, please call me. There is no dumb question and if you"re just curious, I love talking about what could be your largest investment.