Victoria Torres

DRE: 01924969

(720) 275-2826

About Me

I am a licensed Broker in California and Colorado I service clients in both states,  I assist in qualifying and approving potential home seller's for their new home purchase and any potential Buyer's interested in any listing on the market.

I have been an active Realtor/Broker for 17 years and have been through the difficult times in this industry when other agents were not able maintain their business due to the downturn of the housing market I was able to thrive with my business.   I helped many navigate through difficult transactions and have a proven track record in handling many different sales in the Real Estate market.  As a  Listing or Buyer's  agent I am able to better serve my clientele with a strong background in the mortgage business. I offer financial advice as to what loan programs will help the buyer get the best loan available for their needs.

 I am a former IRS Tax Examiner and have a strong background in the finance industry.   Educating and guiding  my Seller's and Buyer's  through the entire process is key to ensure that the transactions move along smoothly.  I have established my business by  focusing on relationships with every person involved in each transaction and I take pride in the quality of service that I offer and take pride in knowing they feel comfortable in referring their friends and family to my team. 

Let me become a partner with you when Selling or Buying a home!  Please feel free to read all the testimonials by actual clients and business partners.  

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