Mary Cornell

DRE: 01200044

(530) 263-4918
(916) 993-8680 (Office)


Lorri Dunton

Gosh….where do I begin??We found Mary & Neta by accident and it turned out to be the best accident of our lives!We stumbled across them at an open house they were showing in Grass Valley. They were so friendly, professional and accommodating and we weren’t even in the market yet. At that time, we really had no idea where we wanted our final forever home to be but once we figured that out….we knew who to call. Yep, Mary and Neta! And let me tell you….we were not the easiest of clients! EeeeGads! We worked with them for more than a year. I’m sure at times we tried their patience as we asked question after question, looked at house after house and really, they had no idea whether it would turn into a sale. We went from wanting golf course property gated, then non gated to wanting homes with acreage so we could have animals….etc, etc, etc….you get the gist! We win the fickle finger of fate award!Through all of our home changes, they stayed tried and true with us finding good houses that matched what we wanted (at that moment and time) and was more than willing to show us as many houses as we wanted to see until we found the right one! They kept telling us not to settle, we would know when it’s right! And they were correct! We finally found our forever home and with our home….came Mary and Neta as our forever friends! We absolutely love and adore them personally and professionally, they’re always working for you and what you want with their upbeat personalities. They won’t stop until you find your dream home! You couldn’t find two better realtors to work with you and for you!Thank you Mary and Neta for your devotion to making our dreams come true!

Amy Medieros

Mary has been our trusted real estate agent for years, and we couldn't be more grateful for her exceptional service. She has successfully sold us multiple houses, showcasing her expertise and dedication to finding us the perfect homes. Mary is not only dependable but also goes above and beyond to provide a personal touch, ensuring that evry step of the process is smooth and stress-free. Her professionalism and commitment to her clients make her an outstanding talend in the industry. If you have the opportunity to work with Mary, consider yourself lucky.She truly is an excellent real estate agent.