Evangeline Abergas

DRE: 01462416

(619) 850-3785


Back In the 70's, my generation did not necessarily have the freedom or opportunity to pursue what we love to do. I finished a degree in health sciences, worked in Clinical and Chemical Laboratory industry.But I would always find ways to sneak in time to practice my real  passion on the side - REAL ESTATE!. I lost momentum when I have to take time off from the working world to raise a family and look after my aging parents. 

One day, ten years ago a friend rekindled my passion in sales / real estate. From that day on I have never left the industry  despite the battle of ups and downs personally and professionally. Thank God, I survived and managed to stay positive through the crash of the Mortgage Industry. It showed me new opportunities to expand my real estate knowledge thru education. I successfully closed several short sales that could sometimes take up to a year to finish. I added to  my list of services, property management, selling manufactured homes and vacant lands. I am now  also involved with  this  two non-profit organizations committed to helping poor students pursue their education.

Since both my children are now successfully leading their own lives and no more parents to look after. I can now devote all my time to helping people achieve the American Dream - owning your own home. Feel free to contact me to find out how I can help you!