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Real Estate Tips

This email was received by me after submitting an offer my buyer insisted on me presenting:

Good Afternoon Agents,

Thank you so much for showing this listing over the weekend and for submitting your best offer right out of the gate!  We received over 25 offers after more than 60 showings!


I am sorry, but at this time the sellers are not moving forward with your offer.  The sellers have decided to send out SMCOs on the top three offers. We are not countering on price.... only countering the terms of the contract.  The market is pretty crazy right now, and I wanted to share what made certain offers rise to the top - in case you needed help convincing your clients what it takes to win a bid right now. :)


1. Price... only one offer was at list price. Most offers were at least 30k over asking, and the top offers were 50k+ over. (yikes)

2. Reducing contingency periods - buyer, loan, appraisal - all reduced.

3. The strongest offers either had zero appraisal contingency or guaranteed an appraisal gap.

4. The best offers waved Home Warranty and asked for no appliances.

5. The best offers granted SIP COE+3 days no charge, one even allowed a full month seller in possession at no charge. 


I hope this helps your clients better understand what it takes to get their offer to the top of the pile!  Wishing you all the very best in this crazy market.