Soledad Gutierrez

DRE: 01262669

(562) 659-5891
(562) 912-7770 (Office)


It is my strong belief that as you become a Realtor, it is about more than just buying and selling homes. You become an advisor as well; and during the process you become part of the client's life. You are able to make their client feel at ease in their decisions. There is a trust between you and your client, and the client knows you have their best interest at heart. It is so important to be able to identify your client's needs, wants, lifestyles, as well as financial ability; in order to help them with the process of buying the most precious and monumental purchase of their life…their home.  

Building a strong relationship with my clients is a priority of mine as I always look to build a lifetime relationship. I want to see my clients not only buy their perfect home, but make a life and be happy. 

I have been in the real estate business for almost 25 years starting in 1996, and I became a broker in 2007. I have worked with both Residential properties and Commercial Real Estate.  

From the beginning of my Real Estate career, one thing has never changed: the smile of my clients as they receive the keys to their new home. This moment is always special to me, and is one that I look forward to seeing. I get to see families grow and help them move up to a bigger home. I see families add on to their homes. I get to help them buy the house big enough to now build a family. The satisfaction of advising them on their futures I feel is unsurpassed. It is amazing to touch their lives and through the years see that I have helped them to make the right decisions.  

On a personal note, I am a proud mom of 3 adult children. I love helping out in my community have done many community home buyer outreach seminars as well as financial planning (as that is the root to successful home ownership), and I've been specially involved with the veterans in our community. 

Repeated business and referrals are the best way to measure my success and I live for the moment of giving the keys to my clients, and feel so rewarded with their smiles.

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