Lulu Liang

DRE: 02064656

(714) 588-1600


I am a veteran in supply chain management and an engaged income property investor in transition to the real estate industry.

Bilingual in English and Chinese. I moved to the United States to help the Swire Group, a global conglomerate, opening a new office. I have since worked across major consumer verticals such as building materials, office products, home furnishings, foods and toys.

My experience along multiple verticals guides a holistic approach to global strategic sourcing, commodity management, procurement, new product commercialization, and cost savings initiatives. By helping to bridge cultures and business practices, I have worked laterally to streamline, and consolidate initiatives across departments and continents, well-serving numerous external and internal customers globally.

To further my understanding of the broader ecosystem of supply chain management, I completed an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a Lifetime C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager) designated by Institute for Supply Management. My latest Realtor designation allows me to bring to the real estate industry with my profound skills as below.



Strategic Planning, Sourcing

Financial and Profit/Loss Management

Project and Time Management

Customer Service Data Management



Real Estate Economics




Income Properties

Property Management

Market Analysis

Net Selling Report


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