Don Ware

DRE: 01057754

(949) 456-0356


My Personal Mission

I am a proud US Navy Veteran who served, and servicing you is what I do.  It brings me great joy to see the people buyers/sellers I represent happy.  I hold myself to the same high standards that you hold yourself too.  I am a Realtor who is all about you.  I am Reliable, honest, experienced, and very passionate to help you,  navigate through the complex process to purchase or sell your home.  Real Estate is always changing, as is the market conditions.  My team and I provide a dynamic service and support to you. Together working as a team we will find your home with my proven knowledge, road maps and strategies of the local marketplace, and its many communities, and the experience to get you the end result you want.  I make real estate easy.  I work fast, and I am very mindful of your cost, and price point that works for you treating your transaction as if I were representing myself so you can be assured your best interest is at heart.     

I am no pressure guy, easy to work with, providing integrity.  I would like to the opportunity to earn your business, and always up for the challenges you may have finding solutions that will save you money or make you money.  If what I noted in my profile interest you please contact me today, I am always a phone call or a text away to take care of you.                                                            


I sell residential real estate. I live for assisting families, and individuals navigating them through the real estate process in the purchase or selling of their home.  If you are ready to take action give me a call today at 949-456-0356.    

Thank you in advance for reading background on me,  it brings me joy knowing you have taken the time to get to know me.  I don't just sell homes, I change lives in a positive, happy way.   I am here for you today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

Satisfied clients are the key to my success

Upon meeting with you, I will give you phone numbers of my current, and recent, and past clients I served as they are my biggest fans, and my  best resource for me to validate what I have written here to get you the result(s) you are looking for.  I Know we are strangers now, however once you select me as your Realtor I am with you for life! My team, and I will be there for you, your family and friends.  If that sounds like somebody you want to work with give me a call, text or email me to talk about your dream/goals and how we can partner together to be a team making them reality. 



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