Dianne Hicks

DRE: 01858415
(951) 514-5709


Realtor and Relocation Specialist


OC Property Sisters

I will explain things from my perspective below, however know that OC Property Sisters is a team. Although our Integrity is important and key to our value, we are a little different which only adds to our ability. My sister has spent years teaching, and has been to almost every school in the area so, if you have children... we know the schools very well. 

What I do is help my clients achieve their goal... It is simply that... I give it my ALL!!! Skillfully, Creatively, with heart of Intregity, Strategicly, Joyfully!!!

To me that means... Understand everything I can about your needs and wants. That way, I can help you best with also,,, Knowing my business well. It is about research, strategy, analysis, creative thought, creative solutions, marketing and so much more... with my clients best interest always put in the number 1 position!!! That... combined with ethics and the understanding situations are different... people are different and sometimes approaches have to be different... and Whenever possible... make it fun!!! If you would like to know a little of how I work or what I think in real estate... Please take the time to read my blog post out on Linkedin I've written, much more to come.

First time home buyers, I will leave you in the dark. I will explain everything on what to expect as well as we are doing so you don't feel overwelmed. 


Moving you... That's a big, important, exciting event in your road of life.  Not only a change but for most... The biggest investment you have. It is about what is important to YOU.


It is about Strategy... and it's about enjoying the process as much as possible and/or armoring up when needed!!! I am here to pay attention to your needs and use both My Real Estate Skills and Knowledge combined with my Analytical Business Skills that I used in my 20 years as a Business Systems Analyst/Computer Programmer in every way strategically working to understand, work and think ahead and/or over come any obstacles to help you get you best possible outcome for your needs...

Relocations are easier than ever when you incorporate technology... I did an entire transaction for an investor from finding the property to closed deal with client out of the country... He did not even see it until after he purchased it... We had done business in the past so he trusted I knew what I was doing... Everything we did was done via computer... Technology used to help things happen!!!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I am Experienced to know my real estate business... In the every changing market, I don't ever stop absolrbing ever bit of knowledge I can so I can always be ready to offer quality in every aspect of ther real estate process. I am focused with the understanding it is about YOU!!! I will happily answer any questions without pressure, so please free to ask.