Dolores Allchin

DRE: 01914923

(818) 523-5389


Growing up in a large family, I learned to understand and appreciate the value of gathering under one roof, laughing together, creating and enjoying a meal, and simply sharing in life together.
Being around so many people has taught me to identify and value what people have in common, and what makes each of us unique. Dreams are a wonderful part of living, and your dreams are unique and an important part of who you are.

Over the last decade I've worked extensively in real estate rentals, and a few years ago received my real estate license. I know how important it is to minimize the pressure you experience when buying, selling or renting a home. By listening attentively, understanding your goals, establishing a trusting environment, and being committed throughout the process, I'm able to support you as your dreams begin to take shape.
I'd welcome the opportunity to serve you or someone you know, in buying, selling or renting a home!



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