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Reasons To Work with a REALTORĀ®

Posted On: January 24th, 2019 4:47AM


Successful business transactions cannot be overlooked. The endgame of every business is to make a profit, this is utilized in different forms like paying bills, purchasing necessary items/basic needs and also the acquisition of properties. The desire to own properties is always in the hearts of many individuals, owning a house cuts off rent and has so many other advantages like


•Having a personal space

•A physical structure that can safely contain the whole family 

•Renovation and restructuring advantage, having the absolute control over how the desired home should be

•Funds for Rent is substituted for equity and upkeep 

•The free will of living in an environment of choice and lots more


The need for quality Agents

The purchase of properties holds a lot of technicalities which must execute the right way, all these functions are carried out in a business environment known as the Real Estate Business. Real Estate refers to the process involved in the purchase and sales of an apartment, land, building, homes and different types of structures in a legal manner. 


These job functions are discharged by a set of professionals called Real Estate Agents who are saddled with the responsibilities of representing the buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction. The real estate agents are licensed to operate in the real estate environment and to also manage and invest in real estate properties. 


In the purchase or sale of property, either being a home, an apartment or any other type of property, it is essential to seek ad consult a registered real estate agent who will completely handle all the technicalities involved in the business transaction. It’s worthy to note that not all real estate agents are licensed agents, some are just parading without registration although they’re worth their salt in the real estate business. 


A qualified real estate agent

A real estate agent who is registered and licensed to operate by the National Association of Realtors is known as a Realtor. A realtor is licensed to operate as a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, real estate agent, broker – associate or a managing broker. Realtors are bonded by a code of Ethics which are strictly enforced by the Local Real Estate Board, so they are bound to offer professional service. 


The services of a Realtor is preferable to the services of just a regular real Estate agent for the following reasons: 

High level of expertise; the realtor is a seasoned professional in the real estate business that is informed in the current events and obtainable transactions, they utilize the best processes in executing a transaction. 


High searching power; realtors are registered and licensed for operation, they easily link up to other registered professionals and view listings of different types and classes of properties which are for sale. 


Ethical mode of Operation; Realtors are professionals that are bounded by strict codes of operation, this is to regulate the activities and affairs of the members of the National body. This awareness keeps both the clients and the Realtor's safe in their transactions. 


It is of a greater advantage to employ the services of a registered Realtor for all Real estate transactions than employing the services of a regular real estate agent that has no known affiliation.

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