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Technology and the Personal Touch

Posted On: January 18th, 2017 2:32AM

     This is a time we can have most anything we want at the click of a button.  Technology helps us run our business faster and more efficiently through computer automation. But no matter how sophisticated computers and technology get, they don’t replace Personal Service.  

     In the Real Estate Industry we have Winforms with Electronic Signatures which make it possible for us to produce documents quickly.   Computers have also made it possible for us to stay in front of our clients through e-mail and the internet.  But even with this people want Personal Contact.  That means as much as technology can simplify our lives, speed up our business, and make us more efficient, technology cannot replace the Personal Touch.  

     When it comes to major life decisions like purchasing a house, people want people to help them arrive at the final decision and hold their hand through the process.

     Loyalty equals trust, and trust is the backbone of any successful business.  Computers and all technology in the world cannot in my opinion do the most important part of our business.  Computers and technology cannot produce the trust which leads to loyalty, which leads to repeat business and referrals.  I appreciate technology and computers, and everything they enable me to do quickly and more efficiently, but technology and computers cannot replace the quality Real Estate Agent.  

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