Albert Failla

DRE: 01915594

(530) 823-1090



Al has over four decades of direct, hands-on experience buying, selling, and developing a wide range of real estate in the Sierra Foothills and Sacramento Valley.


With a passion for houses and integrity towards his customers, he brings a personal touch and refreshing honesty to the process of buying and selling homes. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, need assistance with a trust or estate sale, are a seasoned investor, or are just ready for the next step in your real estate journey, Al can provide in-person step by step guidance through the process.


Al understands that everyone’s needs are different and will work hard to see that your next big transaction is the RIGHT one for you! His years of working with, on, and around all types of real estate have instilled a familiarity with the pros and cons of all types of properties in this area that you just can’t fake. While other agent’s might push for a sale whether it’s a good fit or not, if Al feels a deal isn’t right for you based on your needs, he’ll tell you! THAT’S how you know he always puts the customer first.


No question is too simple or too complex. When you’re working with someone truly passionate about real estate, you’re sure to get both the information and the advice you need to help you make this enormous and exciting decision. Never hesitate to call, text or email for the best quality personal service in the business. Al is here to help you!


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