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Real Estate Tips

Seller Tips


Let's face it. Moving is stressful! And getting a house ready to hit the market can be an overwhelming task. 

Here are a few tips that I follow whenever I list my personal home and I advise my sellers to do as well.


1. Start cleaning and de-cluttering as soon as you are considering putting your house up for sale. 


2. Donate/throw away anything you no longer enjoy using.


3. Pack up most books, movies, toys, etc. ( you'll have to pack once you get an offer so why not get an early start).


3. Organize the closets and pack most of the clothes so that the potential buyers can actually see the space they are buying.


4. Remove most family photos throught out the house. You want buyers to notice your lovely home not your adorable children.


Remember that people buy square footage. If they can't see it, ( because of furniture that is too big for the room, clutter, etc) they won't buy it.


For more tips and assistance in staging your home prior to sale, please contact me. I look forward to helping you get your house ready for sale and selling it for the most money, in the quickest time, with the least headaches.