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Home Buying Myths

Posted On: December 2nd, 2018 5:40AM

Home Buying Myths


Although the internet can be a great resource for a variety of information, a lot of that information is incorrect. One of the most important and expensive decisions in your life, home buying, tends to circulate a lot of misinformation. Most of that misinformation is in regards to how much of a down payment you need or what your credit score needs to be. Let's go over the real facts about buying a home and knock those myths out, so they don't hinder your ability to purchase!  


Though it may come as a surprise, you don't need a perfect credit score to purchase a home. Traditional bank lenders will work with credit scores as low as 640, but your agent can also get you connected with local lenders that accept credit scores as low as 580. Although there are other required stipulations to qualify for the loan, you don't need a perfect score in the 700's or 800's to get approved for a mortgage. 


You don't have to sell an arm and a leg to be able to purchase your dream house. There is a huge misconception that you need to pay a minimum of 20% down to buy. That information is outdated. These days, there a large variety of loan programs that only need an average of 3-5% down. Based on your income or military status, you may even qualify for mortgage programs that require 0% down. Although you'll expect to pay an additional 3% in closing costs, which is separate from the down payment, this is still significantly less that 20% of the purchase price. If you're in a buyer's market, you may even be able to negotatie for the closing costs to be covered by the sellers. 


Be sure to connect with a local real estate agent to ensure you have the right facts. Don't let online myths persuade you into thinking you can't qualify or afford to buy a home. There are a variety of programs to help you get into your dream house. Since these vary by county to county, and state to state, it's imperative to call your agent and let them fill you in on the facts. 

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Why I left a high volume real estate team

Posted On: January 27th, 2018 2:33AM

Where to start... I am a mother of two very busy boys (4 and 2), a wife and of course a real estate agent! These 3 things are what drive me and get me excited to start the day! They are my passion and have my heart. I pray daily for guidance in these areas and I strive to be better than I was the day before in every way I can challenge myself.


I have never written a blog post before but I figure why not start now! To give you a little background into who I am, I have been selling real estate all over the Sacramento/Roseville area since 2012 and have been in the industry since around 2004.  Its amazing what I have seen over the years. It is such a people driven business and that is why I love it.  Over the years I have seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with my clients.  From a young couple that just found out they were expecting a baby after we just had their offer accepted on their dream home.  To sisters crying as they are selling the house they grew up in after their parents passed.  People are the reason I love my job and am thrilled to do it every day (and most nights too).


To me it doesn't matter if you are selling a $30K condo or a 3000 sq ft house, you get my same attention and focus.  It is one of the most important transactions you can make in your life and I take that very seriously and love helping people through each step of the way. 


Which brings me to today and why I decided to leave a high volume, top ranking team and go out on my own.  The short answer is that it was time and I was ready to invest in myself.  I have felt for the last year that I was not living up to my full potential.  That I had ideas and dreams but I didn't know how to make them come to life being on a team, since being on a team mostly involves building up the team.  I had the most amazing experience working with everyone that I did but I have so many ideas and things that I want to do and it was time to give it a shot. 


Have you ever been afraid to try something different or unknown?  Have you wondered what would happen if you just went for it?  Well, that is what I did.  I went for it, and am going for it. And I am LOVING IT!


I truly hope to bring you more blog posts (although to be honest, I don't know the FIRST THING about blogging).  My plan isn't to become this big blogger. I wanted to have a place that people can come to and get a fresh look on life.   I have been living in this community (Roseville area) for the last 20 years and would love to share a little insight I have on local events, parks, programs ets.


If you are a mom, my hope is that I will be your ally and hopefully share something you can relate to.  If you are a foodie, know that I am eating right along side you and I would love to hear your top picks as I am gladly going to share mine! If you are a music lover or entertainment fan, I absolutely love going to see local bands and plays - anything that enriches life. Basically, I am here to be me and also spread a littlle joy along the way.  I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for reading!! Now if you see this posted it means I figured out what the heck a blog is and how it works :)


Always here to help,


Natasha Klentz


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