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By way of Introduction...

Posted On: May 31st, 2017 4:24PM

Today, I read an article in Forbes Magazine about some of the reasons people should always work with an agent when buying or selling a home.  Some of the things that were pointed out in the article were things I already thought people knew about what a real estate agent does.  Do I do those?  Yes!  I do those. 


So here are those things which seemed to be of concern to the folks at Forbes.


  • I frequently work as a full-time liaison between Buyers & Sellers.
  • I can provide easy access to all other properties listed by other agents.
  • Coordinating schedules and arranging contacts is what I do for my clients for their peace of mind and convenience.
  • I know what needs to be done to get a transaction together. And I know how to close a good transaction.
  • Conveying information as needed to other agents is an important aspect of the negotiations I conduct.
  • When speaking on my clients behalf, I am always mindful of whether my client wants to stand firm on an issue.
  • As an experienced Broker/Realtor I tend to work through contract issues with a dynamic fiduciary priority in mind.
  • I am usually on time, but not always.  I am usually outspoken, but not always.
  • I am happy to help people buy or sell in accord with their needs & like to have transactions work smoothly.

I am dedicated to helping my clients and wish smooth transactions for all.

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