Linda Lo

DRE: 01949670

(408) 410-7530


Upon graduating high school as a top 0.1% student in all of Hong Kong City, Linda came to the U.S. for college. She started working as a full time computer design engineer in her second year of college. Linda put herself through college and earned her Computer & Electrical Engineering B.S. Degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

While in college, Linda developed strong interests in investing and market trends. At first, she invested money from her high paying engineering job in the stock market, and just right before the bubble burst, she invested all her savings into the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. And that started her life-long passion for real estate. Throughout the years, Linda has taken advantage of the real estate market cycles, today she owns properties in different cities & counties in the SF Bay Area and has built a successful rental business. She has achieved financial freedom through investing in real estate.

Not your typical real estate agent…who tells you anytime is a good time to buy and sell…..because they know nothing about investing and they need your commissions to pay bills. Most don’t even own their home!

Linda offers both financial and real estate services to her clients. Some of her clients have more than $150 million in net-worth and most have a large portfolio of real estate investments. These high net-worth successful individuals, including chairman of big global high tech companies, CEOs and CFOs, trust Linda and choose to work with her for all their financial and real estate investment needs.

With expertise in both the financial and real estate industries, and a unique combination of having a high tech background and being an experienced real estate investor, with access to an extensive network of real estate investors and cash buyers,  Linda brings exceptional value in helping you with all your financial and real estate (both commercial and residential) needs in the San Francisco Bay Area.