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How Much To Ask When Selling Your Home?

Posted On: July 29th, 2021 6:15PM

Selling your home means spending a lot of time determining yourHow to find the best real estate agent for you brochure asking price to:

  • Examine similar properties in the neighborhood

  • Consider improvements done or needed, time of year, and other market factors

  • Identify (and agree on) the approximate property value
I’ll provide a price range for the list price that:

  1. APPEALS TO THE “HERD MENTALITY”. Remember; pricing a little lower gets more people interested and can easily lead to a bidding war.

  2. ENCOURAGES REAL ESTATE SEARCHES. Homes are typically grouped in price ranges of $25,000, meaning smart pricing increases chances of your property being found.

  3. IS STANDARDIZED. Don’t price the house at a peculiar number to get attention, because it shifts the focus from the house to the seller. Remember to always keep the focus on the house. That’s why you’ll remove personal items and paint the house in neutral colors…all to get potential buyers to envision themselves living in this house.

  4. HAS A BACKUP PLAN. Just in case the house doesn’t go for the price we’d hoped, we’ll have a “Plan B” in place to save time and keep things moving forward in a timely manner.

  5. IS FLEXIBLE. My job’s to know what does or doesn’t work when selling a home, but sometimes surprises happen. We should be able to react quickly to changing market conditions or new information to get the best price with the least aggravation.
Whether you’re unsure of your next steps, need someone to help you, have hit a wall in your search for the right realtor, or just have questions about the home selling process, talk with me. There’s no obligation, and I’m always happy to provide free advice to buyers and sellers alike. Make it a smooth real estate transaction™. 858-472-3975.

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