Simonne Paumard

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 I moved to San Diego from France almost 21 years ago with experience in real estate investments and a passion for helping others. Since then I’ve become a leading REALTOR ®, guiding others through the real estate process. With passion, market knowledge, and experience in real estate coaching, I’ll hold your hand from the first meeting until the final signature and leave you feeling satisfied. Looking to sell? I guarantee a sale. Looking to buy? By leading with trust and knowledge, I’ll open the door to your dream home. Together we can turn a house into your home.

What differenciates me: 
  •  Investment Properties through the Residential Investor Network for fast, full price home sales. Custom Targeted Marketing Specialist for Luxury Properties. Guaranteed Dream Home Finder Program. Unlisted Pre-list Home Inventory & more.
  • As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist I'll guide you through the lengthy and emotional process of this situation with compassion and expertise. I'll remove the stress and overwhelming feeling of having to manage and handle so many things in a probate situation. I give access and provide resources for necessary services providers, from clean up crews, to locksmith, appraisers, donations centers, moving services, CPAs, attorneys, etc.... Get the Free eBook I just wrote that helps executors and administrators avoid the 7 Costliest Mistakes most people make when going through probate, Go to  =>

What People Are Saying About Me?

“As I have known Simonne over the years, she has a way of helping her clients get the best deals in any transactions. She knows how to get on market or or off-market properties for her buyers and help sellers sell their homes for top dollars. She is an amazing agent. If you need real estate service, giver her a call. You won’t be disappointed!”- Julianne Tran – Katy, Texas 77400


 “Simonne is very knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to find the perfect house for you and your family. She has an amazing knowledge of the San Diego area and will find you the perfect house which will fit your budget. Always responsive and ready to help, she can advise first time home buyer, investors, … Reach out to her and you won’t be disappointed. Real estate agent are expensive and are paid, but too often they do not provide an actual expertise or service. Speak to Simonne and you won’t be disappointed. You will make a friend for life ” – Alan Ph., San Diego, CA 92129


” Madame Simonne PAUMARD is an exceptional person with a personality that can only be defined as “elegant”. Everything that she undertakes is done under strict parameters of seriousness, discipline and perfection. She is also an excellent communicator and finds always the way to express herself in clear, concise and efficient manner. She is results-oriented, realistic, and trustworthy. In a few words, she is a tremendous asset for any organization. ” – C. Hebert – San Diego, CA 92106


“Simonne is a truly genuine person with a heart of gold. She is kind, hard working, honest, very smart, knowledgeable, extremely likeable and has immense integrity. ” – Ean Corbet – Carlsbad ,CA 92008


 ” Simonne is very professional, knowledgeable and follows through on everything she says!” – T. Trozera – Encinitas, CA 92024


“Super easy to work with. Simonne backs up her promises with her own guarantees. Not many other agents do that. You will enjoy working with Simonne because she is skilled and professional.Highly recommended!” – P. Mylerberg – Carlsbad, CA 92010


” Reliable, professional and trustworthy!” – Dr Bouzida – San Diego, CA 92130


 “Thank you for doing an amazing job for my clients. They are very happy as I am sure other will when they receive your world class real estate service in Carlsbad . Thank You !” – Republico Umberto Gonzalez – Orlando, Fl 32825


“Simonne is kind, knowledgeable, and will go the extra mile for you. ” – D. Barham, RN – San Diego, CA 92130


” I have interacted with Simonne in many occasions. She has impressive communication and social skills and high dedication. She will be the perfect sale/buy agent for any customer. I had several discussions on real estate and she is very knowledgeable and has a clear plan for each customer ” – Pr. L. Demasi – San Diego, CA 92120


” Simonne is a very accomplished and dedicated professional and works very efficiently. She puts in a great deal work, effort and passion and I can highly recommend her services. ” – S. Launius – San Diego, CA 92130


 ” When I think about what I want in a real estate agent, what comes to mind most often are 3 major qualities: Salesmanship, Integrity, and Attention to detail. Simonne has all of these, and uses them to great advantage. If you want someone who will go the extra mile to ensure the successful sale of your home, go with Simonne ” – M. Milewski – Ramona, CA 92065