Rebecca Molano

DRE: 01450937

(415) 941-9393


Thank you for visiting my site. I was first introduced to the real estate industry in 2002 when I was recruited by a 27 year old millionaire at Ameriquest Mortgage. I lasted about 6 weeks there after seeing the practices of the business. Remember what happened then?  2008!!!  I have seen the ups and downs of the business and of its people. I have learned to apply my experience to provide my clients with the best real estate experience. I believe in over communicating when it comes to real estate. I mean think about it. It's a big deal! My focus is always to keep the lines of communication open so my clients are always comfortable and supported through one of the most hectic life events!


I am a believer in putting good into the world and believing the best in people and I will be taken care of. Let me take care of you and help you make your real estate dreams a reality.

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