Liliana West

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Jennifer & Donald Stanley

Liliana was great. She was careful to determine what we were looking for and made sure to keep us within our budget. We absolutely love the house we ended up with. She explained the whole process to us and kept us to date during the closing process. I recommend Liliana to anyone looking for a great and knowledgeable realtor.

Arek Puzia

Client's letter to my Broker: Allow me to begin by saying that I can count on one hand the number of these letters that I have ever written. In business and in real estate especially, it is rare to find someone truly worthy of such. However, Liliana West is truly an exceptional real estate agent. I first met Liliana many years ago shortly after having purchased my home in Castaic, CA. I have used another agent to purchase the home and she came representing a possible buyer but when I told her the home wasn't for sale she nonetheless offered to do a complete market ananysis for me and she stayed in touch over 4 years to make sure that she was on the top of my mind when it came time to sell. Such persistence made it an easy choice to pick her as my agent for the sale of my home, especially that given the current environment, the sale would be a complicated short sale. Liliana's attention to detail and persistence is what made the whole transaction possible. I was in the most complicated situation with an 80/20 loan, thus we had two lenders to deal with, and the secon lien holder was going to be wiped out in the transaction. Plus the documentation, phone calls, and emails would be double the usual amount given the two lenders. Her hard work and dedication led to both lenders allowing me to sell the home while I stayed current on my mortgage plus we were able to negotiate a clean short sale with no recourse for the shortfall. Additionally, she had to do all this three times, as two buyers backed out of the transaction, and each time both lenders had to be contacted and renegotiated with. So, she spent over 6 months working on my transaction alone. To say that Liliana earned her fee is truly an understatement. 98% of the real estate agents that I have run into are people who think that this business is about quickly selling houses and getting paid. Rarely do they have the knowledge, ability, and skills required to truly add value to a real estate transaction. This is certainly not the case with Liliana. When she was uncertain of anything, she spent the time to fully and thoroughly research the topic and ask others for their opinions before putting together a course of action. Her dedication went well beyond what any reasonable person would expect of their real estate agent. When a buyer had backed out of the transaction and my tenents had left the property, Liliana drove almost daily to the home to water the lawn, clean anything that needed to be cleaned, and otherwise ensure that the home was in top shape for viewing. Most agents complain about an open house and almost never would go this far. I would absolutely recommend Liliana to any and all sellers or buyers of real estate. In fact, I hope to use her to buy and sell all my future homes. Rarely in the real estate business does someone with such passion, skills, determination, and savvy come along, but you have that in Liliana West. She makes your company stand out as a premier firm, and I can say that if you find gems like her, the firm will be successful beyond your imagination.

Jim, Gabby and Sabina Miller

Dear Liliana, Many, many thanks for all your help, kindness and wisdom at getting our daughter's condo sold. It all went so smoothly thanks to you. We did want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help, advice, support, encouragement, and knowledge in regards to selling our dauhghter's condo for us. You were so professional and hard working at all the details for bringing the sale to completion. We admire your ability to deal with the HOA - to get the last important items repaired, etc., so we could complete the sale with all the important details taken care of so promptly and efficiently. How well it all worked out for both parties in the end! Many thanks, best regards, Jim, Gabby and Sabina Miller

Kerri & Laurent Minniti

Liliana West was a pleasure to work with. She was persistent, caring, professional and always had a smile on her face. She really understood what we wanted and never got discouraged. She has great communication skills. We were well informed every step of the way. When I had questions they were answered promptly and accurately. I will highly recommend Liliana to anyone who is asking to buy or sell a house. You can be very proud to have Liliana on your team! Thank you!

Elaine Kaiser

Liliana did a very professional job of selling my house and always with a caring and sincere attitude. My transaction could not have been handled more efficiently. We had close communications. I always knew what was happening. She is a remarkable woman.

Jeri McClendon

Liliana always called me to give me an update on everything and that was much appreciated!

Greg and Pamela Wiese

We felt Liliana was an excellent representative in the sale of our condominium, showing a great deal of professionalism and business maturity. Given some very difficult requirements in showing the home, they were achieved very creatively and effectively. We were very pleased with the result of the entire transaction.

Mike and Cynthia Gordon

Throughout our home purchasing process Liliana did a fantastic job. She managed the final price negotiations expertly. Thanks to Liliana the purchase of our fist home has been a truly great experience. We are very happy with the way everytyhing has turned out. Thank you!

Janis Ashley

Liliana handled everything professionally and efficiently. She staged the house beautifully and made it look wonderful. I'm sure that the staging lead to the sale. No one could have worked harder to sell the house. She held open houses, advertised and showed the house often. She kept us informed every step of the way. She did a wonderful job and the house sold quickly. She was always available to answer questions and explained everything clearly. I would most definitely recommend Liliana to friends.

Jenifer and Tino Palmoutsos

Liliana is a great realtor, she sold our home very fast, and really worked hard for us. I highly recommend her. It was a pleasure having her as our realtor!

Sare Yesayan

She is the best and I can recomend to every one to work with Liliana.

Agnieszka & Daniel Naylor

We recently sold our beautiful Saugus home with Liliana's professional help and dedication. We liked how much she knew about properly pricing our house, she took great pictures of it, and was able to sell it in one day with multiple offers for above asking price. We are very happy with how the sale went. Thank you very much Liliana!!!

Seth Horner

Liliana was very helpful, professional, and got the job done fast. After the sale, another agent tried to take a portion of the commission that Liliana worked for - even though they had done literally nothing toward the sale of the house, none of the work. During what I’m sure was a difficult time for her, she remained professional. Thank you for your hard work Liliana, and I hope those people didn’t get what they didn’t earn. Seth

Bonnie Heath

Liliana helped our family sell my parents mobile unit. She had great ideas on how to stage the property and get the most for our money. We took some of her suggestions and made the ones that made the most sense to us and put our changes into the property. The property sold quickly and Liliana also helped the buyer get the financing they needed to seal the deal.