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Real Estate Agent's & New Construction

More and more, Team Bjorkman has had clients asking to see new construction. More importantly, importantly we are hearing from clients after they have gone to new construction, purchased without representation and then they realize that there are things happening that they are not quite sure how to handle.

Sales agents that are sitting at the builders lot are expected to do or say the things they need to to sell a lot. Your real estate agent is meant to be there to help you in several

Bad Credit Stopping You

Bad Credit Stopping You From Buying a Home?

Most people right now don't even realize that they can buy a home with their current credit. People with 620 FICA scores, and above, can buy. That translates to only 3% of Americans who are not eligible to purchase a home.

We have all of the resources for you to get your credit score back up, and get it back up quickly. We've seen people, in 2 to 3 months, go from not being able to buy a home to being able to buy the home of their dr

6 Steps for Selling Your Home

This video will give you the top 6 reasons you should call me. And the first step is YOU!

Yes, It's Important to Interview Agents

When hiring an agent in Santa Clarita it's important to remember to interview at least three agents. Does it matter if they are all from the same company? Does company matter? Is it just the agent that matters? Watch this real estate interview with Mike Bjorkman and find out.

Pricing Your Home

Pricing your home right from the beginning is so important.

Broker vs Agent | Mike Bjorkman

Broker vs Agent | Mike Bjorkman

What is the difference between a broker and an agent? The biggest difference is experience and education. To be a broker you need a few years of full-time experience in the business. Education wise, there are several college courses that need to be completed. Also, a broker can work independently or for other companies.

Brokers have a larger responsibility. Real estate agents have to go to their broker for everything. The broker is responsible f