DRE: 01330271

(707) 293-8009
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Jennifer is a licensed real estate broker, an experienced and successful professional, facilitating real property transactions for over 10 years in Sonoma County. Living here for over 30 years, she is knowledgeable, familiar with the local market and dedicated to protecting your interests. Working as your trustee and advocate, she will be there for you to lean on. Her goal is to build a relationship in order to best serve your needs. She loves meeting new people and helps her clients to quickly feel comfortable.An expert in the art of negotiation; she will skillfully represent you in residential real estate, vineyard & winery property and undeveloped land acquisition/sales. She has worked wi th hundreds of seniors, and truly understands how to patiently assist them, along with their families.With a pleasant personality and sweet disposition, Jennifer is your ideal consultant. Being sensitive to the differing business styles of each client, she communicates well and often in your preferred method: in person, by phone, via email and text messaging. She understands acquiring or disposing of real property can be stressful and she is there to counsel you through each step of the entire process. Many out-of-area Realtor's know they can count on Jennifer to treat their Sonoma County bound client referrals with the utmost loyalty and care.To engage Jennifer as your trusted adviser or initiate a referral call her mobile phone at 707-293-8009 today, she will meet you in person and discuss your real estate needs. You will find her to be honest, friendly, helpful and loyal. Join her for a successful real estate transaction and profit from her experience.

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