Angelica Serna

LICENSE: FA100074213

(970) 688-1125


Experienced Realtor, Angelica Serna, currently serves buyers and sellers located from the Denver area to Vail Valley, even to Grand Junction. Always holding client satisfaction as her highest priority, Angelica works hard to make the entire home buying and selling experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. Clients working with Angelica never fail to appreciate her honesty, passion and fierce efficiency.
Angelica’s extensive experience and background allow her to handle a wide range of clients and situations. Whether her clients are looking for a home for the very first time or they're seasoned investors; Angelica works tirelessly to accommodate their needs and exceed their expectations. Angelica is incredibly well-versed in the area’s housing market and always manages to find her clients those hidden gems that other agents tend to overlook.
Angelica values all of her clients and strives to build strong, lasting relationships with them that go far beyond business. Angelica understands how much families put on the line when they invest in a home. That's why she works closely with them every step of the way, making the otherwise overwhelming process completely stress-free. Angelica is truly passionate about what she does and loves helping her clients achieve their goals.
To learn more about Angelica's real estate services, please don't hesitate to give her a call today.
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