Jamilyn Anthony

LICENSE: FA100067626

(303) 646-6166


Home is sacred.  Home is a place where you can escape from the world, put on your comfortable clothes and lay on the couch and read.  Home is a place where you can meet with family and friends and have a meal or just coffee and conversation.  Home is a place where you can express your personality and decorate each room in your own style. Home is where you watch your children take their first steps.  A house is often times the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime.


I understand this.  I grew up in Colorado and I loved my childhood home - so safe, such good memories.  A house is a home and it is so important to your life and well being.


When you decide that you need to change homes for more space, less space, job, schools etc.  Let me help you make that transition.


If you are venturing in to home ownership for this first time, I know how important it is to walk you through every step of the process so that you understand.  No question is trivial.  There are many options that I can present to you for your consideration.


Thank you!