Ryan Collity

LICENSE: FA 100083113

(512) 653-7724


I was born in Colorado Springs and grew up in Cripple Creek, a small mining town west of "The Springs". Around the age of 7 my familly decided to move to Texas, where we bounced from Bryan to College Station to finally landing in Austin. I attended High School and College in Austin and then went into the restaurant business in the "Hill Country." I met my wife, Jennifer in the restaurant. I ran the restaurant for 10 years until a mid-life crisis hit me and I decided to become a Firefighter. I attended a Fire and EMS academy and one month later landed my self a career fire job. For a firefighter the shifts allow days off and most firefighters pick up additional jobs to keep them out of trouble so one of my side jobs was real estate. I had my Texas real estate license for 5 years and did very well with it. My family and I decided last year(2018) we were done with Texas summers so we found our way to Castle Rock and have absoultely fallen in love with the city.