Megan Malone

LICENSE: FA.100098474

(720) 244-6275
(303) 858-8100 (Office)


As I look back and reflect on my journey to where I am today, I have to laugh a little. Nearly thirteen years ago I was in college and found out I was expecting our first daughter, Makinley. It was then my plans of studying for the LSAT and preparing to pursue a career in Education Law changed. I quickly began planning to complete my teaching license and after teaching for a few years, I truly realized my passion for helping students with severe needs and behavioral needsreach their highest level of independence. As a single parent at the time I knew I couldn’t afford to rent, and buying a home was my only option to be able to provide for Makinley.
I took a leap and purchased our first townhome 9 years ago which is where I discovered another true passion of mine–real estate. After always wanting to step further into real estate outside of my own investments, I was given the opportunity to begin working as a showing agent with a local real estate team nearly a year and a half ago. Today, I am a licensed agent. I know that I would not be where I am today without real estate. It was through my own personal home investments that allowed us to be in the position we are today. Each of those houses became homes to us.
Now, as a realtor, I love helping buyers and sellers work to establish and build their own investments and their own homes for themselves and their families. I want to help you find and purchase your own house which will become your home.