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Real Estate Tips

Would you be interested in having a better understanding of the motivation behind why SELLERS and BUYERS make high-dollar real estate decisions? What is the motivation for a SELLER to choose an offer that is NOT the highest presented in a multiple offer situation? Would you like to be more aligned for win-win negotiations? If so, the answers to these questions are simple and intuitive.

1. BUYERS must draft timely dates and deadlines to signify to SELLERS they are highly diligent and focused on meeting the required elements of the contract.

2. BUYERS should increase their earnest money (Double it) to offer greater value in the selection game. This step indicates to a SELLER that the BUYER means business. If a mutually accepted contract fails; the SELLER is assured more cash in lieu of the absence of BUYER good faith.

3. BUYERS should make their offer clean and error-free. It’s safe to say ALL SELLER agents appreciate receiving an offer that is drafted with extra care and attention. This step will signify efficient and conscientious dealings between parties.

4. Lastly, SELLERS and BUYERS would benefit from open channels of communications between negotiating agents. Dealing with straightforward and amicable negotiating parties will mitigate heightened emotions during heated battles relating to inspection resolution, appraisal values, and emotionally charged closing tables.

Utilizing a WIN-WIN negotiation approach will strengthen relationships and interconnectedness between principal parties and competing agents. When utilizing these proactive offer techniques informed SELLERS will consider ALL of the offer details, not just the highest priced bid. The ultimate goal of a career real estate professional should be to build bridges within their industry and always think competitively for their client. 

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